Lowes Carpet Cleaner RentalLowes Carpet Cleaner Rental

Lowes Carpet Cleaner Rental

Lowes Carpet cleaner rental


There are lots of different aspects to maintaining a home but few have as much of an impact as maintaining the cleanliness of the carpets. When we look at a room the largest things that we tend to focus on are the walls and floors, by keeping both well maintained and clean we can keep a room feeling clean and homely, this is where Lowes carpet cleaner rental comes in.


Keeping walls clean tends to be fairly easy due to the limited things that they come into contact with, carpets on the other hand are another matter. Be it muddy footprints, pets, or just general wear and tear they do have a habit of getting worn and dirty. Vacuuming carpets is an essential way of maintain the life of them but this is often not enough. To fully preserve a carpet you should ensure you give it a deep clean every 1-2 years, this will keep your house looking nice as well preserving the lifespan of your carpets.



If you want to get your carpet looking show room clean again you could pay a few $100’s for a professional company to come in and deep clean them, they’ll likely do a great job and get your carpets looking good again however they do come at a cost. Paying for professional carpet cleaners can be anything from $40-$80 per room, this can soon add up if you’re wanting to clean all the carpets in the house.


If you don’t want to pay a professional company you could either look into buying a carpet cleaner or something like lowes carpet cleaner rental.


Different types of carpet cleaner

There are many different types of carpet cleaner but the 2 most popular are the rug doctor and the Bissell big green carpet cleaner. Both are excellent carpet cleaners but our favourite is the Bissell big green carpet cleaner, it’s got a slightly smaller tank (1.75 vs 3.9 gallons) but this is still plenty big enough. The main advantage of it is that it cleans in both directions (where as the rug doctor only cleans in one) this leads to a deeper and more thorough clean.


For a video comparing the rug doctor and Bissell big green carpet cleaner check out the video below.


How much are carpet cleaners to buy?


If you decide to buy a carpet cleaner you will undoubtedly save yourself money in the long run but they can be anything up to $1,000 to purchase and you’d need to ask yourself whether you have both the space to store a carpet cleaner and the money to buy one in the first place.
Check below for some of the most popular carpet cleaners on Amazon


Other than paying a professional or buying a carpet cleaner, what other options are there?

An alternative to paying professionals or buying a carpet cleaner is to look at something like Lowes Carpet Cleaner rental,


Why do Lowes carpet cleaner rental


by renting a carpet cleaner you avoid the need to store a large bulky piece of machinery that’s only used every few months / years and also avoid the cost of hiring professional cleaners whenever you want to clean a few carpets. This is often the most economical option and can be surprisingly easy.


Where can I rent a Lowes carpet cleaner?

You can rent a carpet cleaner from any of the Lowes tool centres, no reservation is required and you can normally just turn up and rent equipment (ID may be required depending on the tool).



What extras are needed when I do Lowes Carpet Cleaner Rental?

When you hire a carpet cleaner don’t forget that you will also need to get some cleaning solution. IN any Lowes you can pick up the recommended solution the carpet cleaner that you’re renting however if you’re frugal and want to save some money you should check out our hint below for how to save a few $’s.

Other than the cleaning fluid the only other thing that you’ll need is water.


What is the price of a Lowes Carpet Cleaner Rental

Prices start at $24.99 although if you search for Lowes carpet cleaner promotions you can often find $10 off coupons (here for instance)


How do I use a carpet cleaner?

Using a carpet cleaner is straight forward, you follow the instructions to fill up the tank with a mixture of water and cleaning solution, plug the machine in then slowly drag it across the carpet while holding down the button to clean the carpet.


Are there any tricks to using a carpet cleaner?

  1. Although they’re easy to use there are a few techniques that you can use to ensure you get a perfectly cleaned carpet. Firstly, test the carpet cleaner on a small inconspicuous part of the carpet, this will enable you to identify if you’re carpet is going to run, it’s unlikely but better safe than sorry.
  2. Make sure you take it slowly and thoroughly, this is definitely a case of the tortoise beating the hare. By going slowly and carefully you’ll ensure a thorough and uniform clean of the whole carpet.
  3. If you want to save a few $’s you can avoid buying the branded cleaning solution (which can be expensive) and instead make a 5:1 water: white vinegar solution, this will cut through the thickest dirt and grime. (Tip: add a few drops of lavender oil to cover up the vinegar smell).